Parents of 8th Grade Students

Please join us for a informational meeting about the 8th grade field trip to Washington, D.C.  We will meet in the cafeteria at 6:30pm on Wednesday, August 6.  We will be finished before the start of Meet Your Child’s Teacher Night.

Meet Your Child’s Teacher Night – August 6, 2014


Please bring your child’s class schedule and we will follow the rotation below:
Period 1 7:00-7:10
Period 2 7:15-7:25
Period 3 7:30-7:40
Period 4 7:45-7:55
Period 5 8:00-8:10
Period 6 8:15-8:25
Period 7 8:30-8:40
*8th grade ELA teachers will all meet in the media center (except for Quest/Honors classes)

Items covered:
· Overview of course curriculum
· Classroom expectations regarding student grades, homework completion, daily procedures, etc.
· Contact information to enable parents to communicate with teachers.